Four steps. More savings.

Maximize the money you save by following these key components of the revolutionary SilverSaver System:

1Train your staff on using the SilverSaver device. Keep the device near the place you’ll be using it. Most restaurants put one by the back door and another one near the dishwashing area.


2Use your SilverSaver every two hours, every time you change the water in the dish machine. Train your Dish Machine Operators to insert the device into the garbage can, move it in a circular motion, and then retract the device and remove the flatware. Repeat this process about three times. It should only take about a minute.


3If your restaurant uses linen bags, train your team to fill them only halfway. Insert the SilverSaver device and move the bag and the device simultaneously (you can even roll the bag if you choose). Retract the device and remove the flatware. Repeat one or two times. It should only take about a minute.


4For best results, use the SilverSaver device again when you’re doing a trash run. Insert it into the garbage cans as they’re taken out the back door. Remove the flatware and repeat. Again, this will only take a moment. When the SilverSaver System is followed using these methods, you will save thousands of dollars – guaranteed, or your money back.

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