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Does the SilverSaver System work better than the magnetic garbage topper we’re using now?

Absolutely! The SilverSaver device is inserted directly into the garbage can and grabs any discarded flatware. A magnetic topper sometimes misses discarded flatware. The SilverSaver device goes right to the heart of the problem – it’s a fail-safe for big savings.

Does the SilverSaver work with all types of flatware?

The SilverSaver works flawlessly with 18/0 flatware. Because of the higher nickel content and lower magnetism of 18/10 flatware, results with these items may be less than optimal.

Is it really possible to make my money back within 30 days or less?

Yes! When following the SilverSaver System best practices, it is possible to make your money back in even less than 30 days. Please see our savings calculator to determine the amount of money you can save by implementing the SilverSaver System.

How is the SilverSaver an environmentally friendly product?

The SilverSaver retrieves flatware that would eventually occupy a landfill for many years.

How often do you recommend we use the SilverSaver System?

For optimal results, we recommend using the SilverSaver device every 2 hours, or when the water in the dish machine is changed.

Will the SilverSaver retrieve metal ramekins or soufflé cups?

If the ramekin/soufflé cup you have is made with 18/0 stainless steel, it definitely will.

Does the magnet in the SilverSaver ever wear out or become non-magnetic?

If the SilverSaver is exposed to temperatures above 176°F (80°C), the magnets will permanently lose a fraction of their strength. We recommend cleaning the SilverSaver with hot water and a towel. Hot water from the tap typically does not exceed 120 degrees.

How much time/labor should I expect it to take to actually use the SilverSaver each day?

If you follow the best practices, it should take no more than 10 minutes per day to get maximum results from the SilverSaver System.

Are there health or safety concerns with the SilverSaver?

There are no known health concerns with exposure to permanent magnetic fields. There may be issues with individuals with pacemakers handling or being near strong magnets. We’re not medical professionals, but if anyone on your kitchen staff has a pacemaker, we suggest you consult a doctor.

Where should I install my Sani-Bucket Holder?

Any prep table or work station within your kitchen will work great. Hang it so the mouth of the bucket is near waist height for most of your workers – this is a more ergonomic positioning that will reduce their back strain.

Is there any chance of the Sani-Bucket Holder bending or breaking?

In short, no. The Sani-Bucket holder is manufactured from the highest-quality steel, and specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of years of constant use.

Why do I need the Sani-Bucket Holder? Can’t I just train my staff to watch out for the bucket and keep it where it is, right on the floor?

Of course you can. But you know the hectic pace of busy kitchen hours. When your staff is in the middle of a lunch or dinner rush, all the careful training in the world may not prevent a slosh or spill caused by an inadvertent kick. And a wet floor in a busy kitchen is a recipe for disaster. We recommend removing the danger completely – with the simple installation of the Sani-Bucket Holder. In fact, more and more health departments are requiring restaurants to keep sanitary buckets off the floor as well.

Okay, I understand the safety component. Is there any other reason to install the Sani-Bucket Holder?

Absolutely. When your sanitary bucket is raised – making it more accessible and more visible – it encourages your employees to use sanitary solutions more frequently. In other words, the Sani-Bucket Holder makes it more convenient for your workers to create a more sanitary kitchen.

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