Without the SilverSaver System, you’re literally throwing money away.

When your plates are scraped into the trash, your flatware tends to end up there, too. According to our count, restaurants typically lose up to 17 pieces of flatware every day, and that’s a cost that really adds up over time.

In the past, this was assumed to be just one of the costs of the restaurant business. But in today’s environment, you need to save everywhere you can. And the SilverSaver System enables you to do just that.

Just insert your super-magnetized SilverSaver device (recommended for 18/0 flatware, not 18/10 due to its lower magnetism) into your trash can every couple hours – basically when you change the water in your dish machine. Remove your flatware and wash it. And save thousands of dollars a year.

Unlike other flatware recovery products you may have tried in the past, this one actually works. In fact, we make you this guarantee: Use the SilverSaver System following our best practices and it will pay for itself in 30–45 days.